Yorkshire Celebrant

Georgina Pugh - Professional Celebrant working in East and North Yorkshire and the City of York



'Life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one' Kalhil Gibran, from The Prophet

My own journey into celebrancy began through funerals and I believe passionately that everyone deserves to have their death marked and mourned, their life honoured, in a way that is vibrant and heartfelt.

A funeral conducted with compassion and sensitivity can be a healing time for everyone and can help with the grieving process. Too often, we don't think about funerals until we have to and then we are in such a blur of grief we can make choices blindly, without taking the time to explore our options. The person whom you choose to lead the ceremony can make all the difference - a qualified celebrant will take the time to listen to the life story of the person who has died, to learn about their passions, what made them tick; and will craft a ceremony that reflects them.

I always feel it to be the greatest honour to be entrusted with the telling of someone's story - it is a task I take seriously, but also with lightness and affection. I believe a funeral is a time to smile as well as to cry. A funeral can be simple or extravagant, spiritual or humanist; whatever feels right to reflect the life of the person who has died.

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